Moonshots @ Google

From 2019-2022 I worked with the Exploratory team at Google to help their largest brand customers solve complex challenges. 

A few examples:

How might sensing physical gesture in retail environments help consumers and brands?

How might you use the latest movement-tracking tech to help pets be happier and healthier?

How might you use AR technology to improve the car-buying process?

How might the Monk Skin Tone scale help brands online?

How might brands use MUSE to understand representation in their creative asset libraries?

How might virtual launches give brands better ways to reach an audience?

How do you create compelling virtual launches?

How might you improve production efficiency in the automotive industry with better forecasting?

How might you use space created by intelligent box packing to help the consumer and retailer?

How might you use recommendations technology to improve the car-buying process?

How might you improve offline to online conversion for luxury brands?

How might you improve the retail experience for shoppers to bring them rich interactive information in the moment?

How might you improve return rate, awareness, behaviors around E-Waste?

How might better farming data improve outcomes for the largest food companies?

What are all the ways that sleep relates to beauty?

Other ambitious work